Solo Traveller Setting Part 2: Carcharoth and the Resistance

President Rica Breson
Carcharoth (C630776-B) was invaded in the early hours of 1089.134 (Imperial) by the the People's Supremacy's crack 35th Drop Ranger Battalion. In accord with the People's Supremacy doctrine, numerous psionic agents were infiltrated into the governmental and military structure months and years in advance. However, President Rica Breson, aware of the People's invasions of Jora and Uryuom, had taken some measures to protect the government. Widespread use of psionic-shields and rigorous recruitment of loyal psions provided a thin line of defense.

In this case, it was enough to allow Breson and the members of her cabinet to evade capture in the openings hours of the invasion. Nonetheless, the People's Army and Navy smashed the Carcharoth defense forces. Remnants of the army now form the nucleus of the Carcharoth Freedom Army (CFA), the primary resistance movement on Carcharoth.

Breson and her cabinet found refuge in Blerreon (B547524-7) in the Piah subsection. Blerreon's hosting of the Carcharoth government-in-exile has put Blerreon as a likely next target of the People's Supremacy expansionist policies.

Carcharoth itself is an inhospitable planet. Tolea, a moon of Cenzyria, seems a far more likely planet for colonization. 

However, Carcharoth is rich in lithium and ytterbium. The value of these finds makes adopting to the thin but standard atmosphere and crushing heat worth it. The major in-system trade is water hauling. While Carcharoth has a number of massive solar stills, the volume produced is far less than needed. Hence, a number of companies transverse the space lanes between Carcharoth and Tolea, hauling water to provide to the citizens of Carcharoth.

This has been used by the People's Supremacy as a bargaining chip in their attempt to crack down on the resistance. The People's Supremacy are set to nationalize the water hauling companies, and they've forcibly evicted thousands from Tolea to get a tighter grip on the system.

The resistance is not as monolithic as the People's Supremacy makes out. While the CFA is the primary group, numerous others exist as well. Additionally, the People's Supremacy have removed most of its military and outsourced holding and enforcing its laws on the planet to mercenary groups, the largest of which has as major stakeholders top government officials from the People's Supremacy.

No one expects the war to end soon, but the People's Supremacy--for now--possess the mines and processing facilities along with the water supply. Whether Carcharoth can free itself is uncertain, though the government-in-exile and CFA believe it is possible.

Rumors persist that covert Zhodani Consulate assistance to the resistance is present planetside with trainers, psionic specialists, and even combat troops. The Consulate, however, remains firm that no Zhodani military personnel are present. They do not, however, deny that many former Zhodani military personnel may have volunteered their services to the resistance.


  1. Just finished a book (Up Against It) and they called asteroids rich in ice "sugar rocks". The ice was used for more than just water but it adds some nice chrome. Perhaps in those belts there are some sugar rocks and there is a fair amount of intra-system traffic. And of course, Ice Pirates...


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